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By Mr. Conrad Fox


Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Friday 23rd February

Little Free Library

As part of this some of the activities we will be doing we will be aiming to raise some money. This will be for something called ‘The Little Free Library’. We feel as a school that reading is essential and as Hunmanby no longer has its own Library we would like to set up a ‘Little Free Library’ at school. This would not just be for the school but for the whole community. The idea is that there would be a box placed just outside the school gate with books inside. The children would then be able to take books from the ‘Little Free Library’ but then obviously have to return them when they have finished. We will then keep replenishing the library with books and hopefully the community will add books to it too. We think this is a fantastic idea and there is already a really successful one up and running in Falsgrave Park in Scarborough. There is also a website if you are interested in finding out more at www.lflproject.org .


Monday 15th January

Welcome Back

I hope you all had a relaxing holiday and have come back refreshed and ready for a shorter, but no less busy Spring Term. We have a five week half-term followed by a 6 week half-term.  There’s a lot to pack into the term including: Safer Internet Day, School Disco,  Sports Relief, Year Five doing Bikeability, a few class assemblies, Science Week, Assessment Week and an Easter Family Bingo.

We certainly like to keep busy! Please see the dates for your diary.


The Big Buzz

You may have heard from your child about a new initiative we have started in school on Wednesday afternoons. We wanted something that involved the children from Year 1 to Year 6 that allowed us to promote key values and skills in PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education as well as aspects of the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) agenda that schools in Britain should be promoting.

Teachers have spent the Autumn Term creating The Big Buzz that will have fun and exciting activities that will fulfill the PSHE and SMSC agenda. Your child will be in a group of either mixed Year 1 to Year 3 or Year 4 to Year 6 children and will carry out a different activity each week designed to promote our ‘Magnificent Seven’. These are intrinsic values and skills that we want the children of Hunmanby Primary School to have, in order to become a rounded individual and a valued member of society. They are: Risk (understanding risk and taking risks), Independence (having initiative/responsibility), Aspiration (ambition to achieve), Teamwork (leadership/honesty/loyalty/integrity/fairness), Speaking and Listening (negotiating/influencing), Resilience (not giving up/bravery/self-control) and Understanding (tolerance/forgiveness/empathy/caring).

Each half-term there will be a different theme to develop the Magnificent Seven (see below) and this half-term we are focusing on ‘Healthy Lifestyle’.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

The Future


Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping Safe

Active Citizen

Moving On


Because The Big Buzz takes up an afternoon, we have decided to remove Golden Time which traditionally took place on a Friday afternoon. The Big Buzz has been designed to replace Golden Time and be a holistic and above all fun afternoon but with clear planning to promote the skills and values mentioned above. Please ask your child what they did in The Big Buzz after school on Wednesday to see which different teacher and activity they have had.



Academic Year 2016 - 2017


Friday 21st July

We have come to the end of another year at Hunmanby Primary School. It has been a special year because we were able to open our New Build in September on time. That meant that we could support our families with wrap around care in the form of a before and after school club. I am very pleased with the provision we can offer parents using the expertise of our own teaching assistants. The 2 Year Old Provision started in January and it has been very well attended. The progress that those children have made in two terms has been remarkable. We are about to start a six week holiday, so please take advantage of the Filey Library and the Summer Reading Challenge which is on again. There are also many other events in the area that should keep the children entertained. Our Year 6 Class of 2016-17 leaves us to go to their various new schools. I feel very proud of what they have achieved this year and happy in the knowledge that they will leave our school ready for the challenges of Key Stage 3. On behalf of all the staff at Hunmanby Primary School, we hope you all have a safe and happy summer and that the summer weather is kind to us all. We look forward to seeing you all again in September for the start of another busy academic year

Friday 23rd June

Image result for chatter-bug.comNew Speech and Language Therapist in school

I am very excited to announce that from Sept 1st 2017 we will have a speech and language therapist working in the school every Monday. Her name is Charlotte Godfrey and she comes from an organization called ChatterBug. ChatterBug specialises in speech and language therapy for children, working with playgroups, schools, community groups and families. They are a social enterprise organization who take a flexible, innovative approach to communication difficulties, providing vital support for children, as well as parents and teachers. They understand the challenges that communication problems can pose for an individual at home and at school. Their qualified team of speech and language therapists, offer a full range of services to assess, diagnose and treat children.


Friday 9th June

Marcie in Year 5:

On Thursday the 8th June, Year3 and Year 4 went on a trip to the massive Minster in York. When we got off the bus, everybody could see the colourful windows. Getting into our partners, a tour guide told us lots of facts, that I obviously didn’t know! My favourite fact was that the metal inside the tower was two and a half times heavier than the Eiffel Tower! Later on after lunch, we were put into groups to do questionnaires with tourists walking around York. They were all very polite people. Although the people were in a rush, they were still polite. Also, they were impressed with the children from Hunmanby Primary School. We did some sketching in the Minster. It was very hard to choose what to draw, because everything was so beautiful. It was an amazing trip. We all loved it.

Friday 19th May

Thank you to everyone who filled it in the Parent Questionnaire and returned it to us. There were 73 questionnaires returned and I have collated the results as well as indicating if there was a ‘no response’ in the box. Overall, the results were very pleasing and I have fed back the comments to the staff and Governors. Although the comments were overwhelmingly positive, we are by no means complacent and take every issue highlighted on the newsletter very seriously. As always, please feel free to get in touch with me if you need to talk to me about any of the questions.

Fiday 5th May

The term is well and truly into the swing of things with lots of exciting things happening. Please check the Diary Dates for all the things planned for the Summer Term. Please note that the Year 6 children will only attend the transition days of the school they will be going to in September.

Friday 7th April

Key Stage 2 Evening International Bistro

On Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th April, Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 put on their Evening International Bistro. The food themes were Italy, India, Mexico and England. They organized the evenings into two sittings and each was able to accommodate 60 people who had already pre-ordered their food.

Each sitting was fully booked and all the guests were served by the children who had already planned the meals, bought the food and cooked it themselves. It had been arranged as a cross-curricular whole Key Stage topic and the hall was decorated with wonderful examples of writing and maths, which had been researched by the children. The Bistro has been an excellent example of teaching the children enterprise skills such as working collaboratively as a team, understanding the ideas of creating a business by marketing, advertising, sourcing stock, and making a product that they can sell. These are all useful life skills.

The total amount of money raised was an incredible £900. £150 of that will go to a local charity which the children will decide on after Easter. The rest of the money will be spent on the children during the summer term. Again, they will be thinking hard of a good use for the money in order to reward all of their hard work.

Although the food was cooked by the children, they were supported behind the scenes by an army of adults comprising of the class teachers, Teaching Assistants, Debbie our wonderful cook and other friends of the school who had offered to give up their evenings to help. It was a real team effort!

.World Book Day