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By Mr. Conrad Fox


Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Friday 19th October

Become a Parent School Governor

There are 2 places available on the Governing Body as a Parent School Governor. If you are interested please get in touch with school and let me know. You will be welcome to come in and have an informal chat and coffee/tea with me to talk about it in more detail. If there are more than 2 interested parents, then we would have to go through an election process.

Do you want more involvement in your school?

Do you want to get a better understanding of how a modern primary school operates?

And crucially, do you want to make a difference to the children in your community?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then being a School Governor could be the answer.

All Governors are provided with opportunities to get training to support areas they may be unfamiliar with (such as finance). As a Parent Governor, the only qualifications you will need will be to a parent and have a real desire to move our good school forward to aim for even better outcomes for our children.

Please get in touch. 

Thursday 6th September

'Hit the ground running' has been the phrase used with the children and staff this week. We have just come back from a long summer holiday and our routines will have naturally slowed down. This important because the children were working at a vey high level all through 2017-18, which has resulted in very good progress and attainment scores across the school from Reception to Year 6. It is good that we all have had an opportunity to recharge the batteries. But we also want to the children in this academic year to achieve to the best of their ability and so we are all going to try to hit the ground running. 

We have decided to introduce Class Dojo as a reward system across the school. Dojos will replace House Points as part of our reward system. House Points will still be used when we put children into House for porting events such as Sports day. We tried Class Dojo in 4 classes during the summer Term and the feedback from the children, parents and staff was positive.                                                           




Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Thursday 19th July

We have come to the end of another year at Hunmanby Primary School. I am pleased to say that our children and staff rose to the challenge. I have shared our results for EYFS and Year 2 and Year 6 SATs in our latest newsletter which show a continuing improving picture across the school. Key areas that were a concern last year were Writing, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and Science. We have made dramatic progress in these areas and are now above national averages. This is the reward to the children and staff for their dedication and hard work and our desire to strive for the best outcomes for your children.

Although academic excellence is our goal, our holistic approach to developing the whole child through The Big Buzz, Forest Schools, our many clubs and sport is also just as important and I was pleased with the results of the Parent’s Questionnaire which showed you believed we were well on the way to getting it right. However, we are not complacent and want support from parents and children to make sure continue to get it right in the future.

Friday 2nd July

We value your opinions, so I was particularly pleased to get nearly 70 responses back from parents. The results are at the back of this newsletter. They show overwhelmingly that we are getting it right with nearly all the responses saying that they Strongly Agree/Agree with the statements. We are going to have a closer look at our anti-bullying Policy next academic year to make sure that we are not complacent and that we can improve systems for dealing with any incidents in the school. We will also look at systems of communication with parents, to see if the Newsletter in its current form is appropriate or a more digital approach should be adopted.

Monday 18th June

Here we are well into the final half of the summer term. There are a further 5 weeks to go before we break up for the Summer holidays. As usual, we have a lot to pack in, so please take a look at the diary dates to keep informed. I will also be putting out a Parents Questionnaire with this newsletter and I hope to get as many back from you as possible. We really do value your thoughts about how we can move the school forward and help to celebrate what we do well.

Friday 25th May

Here we are at the end of another busy 6 week half-term at school. We have packed a lot in as usual and the children have made good progress in their work which we can see from our tracking systems in school. There have been some wonderfully entertaining Class Assemblies, SATs Week, a Royal Wedding Party, a Bistro and some summer weather to boot!

Monday 14th May

A big week in school. It's SATs Week for the Year 6 children, for which they have worked very hard - as have the staff supporting them through their school journey. We know that they'll give it everything they've got.

Some great news is that we have been told that we have achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) Silver Award. A lot of hard work has taken place this year and a culture shift in the school's approach to Science, as well as a continued drive to broaden and enrich our curriculum has been signalled by this award. Well done everyone.

Friday 11th May

The end of another busy week. The newsletter highlights problems with inconsiderate drivers around school at the start and the end of the day. On occasions we have drivers speeding, blocking school gates, parking where they shouldn't and being agressive. I don't get it! We all want to safeguard our children and I'm sure they do too, but still it happens. Hopefully, Walk To School Week might lesson the congestion and give the children and their families an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise and have a bit of quality 'family time' before and after school.

Good luck to our Year 6 pupils who will be taking their SATs next week. They have all worked incredibly hard this year and I am sure that they will all do very well.

Friday 27th April

The term is well and truly into the swing of things with lots of exciting things happening. Please check the Diary Dates for all the things planned for the Summer Term.

SATs Week is coming

The week beginning Monday 14th May is SATs week in school for our hard working Year 6 children. This is a statutory test of Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Maths, that all children around the country will be taking at the same time. We are very proud of our Year 6 children who have been working hard all year in preparation for these tests. They have been very well prepared and we ask that you make sure that they get a good night’s sleep on Sunday, have a good breakfast and tackle these assessments with the same positive attitude that they have shown all year. I am sure that they will all do very well indeed.

Year 2 will also be doing their SATs in school but they are less formal than KS2 and will be carried out within class. We do this so that our younger children do not feel any anxiety over thier tests and they are marked by the class teacher.


Thursday 29th March Build Up To Easter

The Easter Bingo took place on Thursday 22nd March and it was a resounding success. Thank you to everyone who attended. It was very busy as usual and there were lots of wonderful Easter eggs to be won. We are very grateful to everyone who donated Easter eggs. Without the generosity of our parents, events like this would struggle. We managed to raise £616 for our Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA), money which will be used to support trips and events for the children. Also, a huge thank you to our parents and staff, who gave up an evening to raise money to support the children. A fantastic team effort.

Easter Service at All Saints Church

We all enjoyed the Easter Service at All Saints Church this morning. I was very impressed by the singing and the two readers Harry and Katie from Year 4. Thank you to Reverend Tim and the wardens at the church for letting us have the service in the wonderful building that is All Saints Church. We think it is really important for the children to know the Easter Story and that it’s not just about Easter Eggs.

Friday 23rd February

Little Free Library

As part of this some of the activities we will be doing we will be aiming to raise some money. This will be for something called ‘The Little Free Library’. We feel as a school that reading is essential and as Hunmanby no longer has its own Library we would like to set up a ‘Little Free Library’ at school. This would not just be for the school but for the whole community. The idea is that there would be a box placed just outside the school