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By Mr. Conrad Fox


Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Friday 27th September

Important changes to KS2 start of the day

From this coming Monday 30th September we are going to open our doors to the Year 3 - Year 6 children from 8.45am in the same way that KS1 currently operates. Children should arrive from 8.45am and they will be able to go straight into class. There will still be a member of staff on duty in the playground until 8.55am, but the expectation will be that the children will not gather on the playground and line up as before.

The benefits of this will include a more relaxed start to the day, getting the children out of any inclement weather and making the usual bottlenecks less crowded in the cloakrooms. The children will be offered constructive activities to support their learning before registration begins at 8.55am. Please note that all the children would be expected to be in class for this time.

Friday 13th September

Welcome Back Everyone

I warm welcome back everybody to what promises to be another successful year at Hunmanby Primary School. As you already know, we have had a change around, with the class teachers from Year 1 to Year 6 moving year groups and classrooms. We have also introduced a new approach to maths called Maths Mastery, which will helps us to focus more on the skills of reasoning and problem solving, whilst keeping those important fluency skills sharp. We are confident that this will raise engagement and the enjoyment of maths.

Again, we are very grateful to the staff and friends of the Horseshoe Inn for their generosity in supporting the school. I am very happy to announce that they raised a grand total of £2000 which is an incredible amount. This money will directly fund the Reading Summer House in school to provide the soft furnishings, decoration and reading materials. An fantastic effort and all the children, staff and governors appreciate the support and generosity from the Horseshoe Inn.