Welcome to the year 4 class page! We are taught by Miss Butcher and our teaching assistant is Mrs Owen. On a Tuesday afternoon, Miss Horsman teaches French, Music and RE. 

Miss Butcher

Mrs Owen

Invasion - Autumn Term

Our topic launch! We designed and created our own Vikings shields. Then, we spent time acting as Vikings and created our own shield wall formations.

Making our Viking shields!

This term our history topic is ‘Invasion’ and have been learning about life in Britain after the Roman withdrawal. We have been learning about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions up to the Norman conquest. Please read the class newsletter to find out more about what we are studying this term and our classroom routines.

Shield walls!

Our trip to Murton Park to learn more about the daily life of a Viking!

The Digestive System

In science, we have been learning about food and the digestive system. We have also started to write explanation texts in literacy about the process of digestion!

Misty Mountain, Winding River - Spring term

In geography, we have been studying topography and contour lines. We used potatoes as mini hills and mountains. Then, we measured and drew 1cm intervals on the potatoes and drew how this would be represented on a graph using contour lines. 

Vista - art

We used viewfinders to take images of landscapes around school!

We sketched our favourite photos.

Our final landscape! We used watercolours, sketching and pen to create our final landscapes. 

We thought about whether we should use warm or cool colours and what feelings they evoke. 

States of Matter - science

We observed over time how quickly ice melted at room temperature, but we found that it melted quite slowly!

We carried out another experiment to see how we could make the ice melt quicker.

Which method do you think was the fastest?