At Hunmanby Primary School we want children to enjoy and love learning about music and to develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, perform and listen with discrimination to a wide and varied range of all genres.  We believe music should be embedded in the curriculum by making relevant links to other subject areas where appropriate. We also want to teach music as a discipline so use the Charanga music scheme for planning and teaching, and Curriculum Maestro for assessment. We intend to develop this not just through classroom experiences but also through applying their skills and knowledge in a variety of situations and to different audiences.



In ensuring high standards of teaching we aim to develop pupils who aspire to learn and develop. Music is taught through a year group cycle as detailed in our school long term planning. We develop key musical knowledge and skills building upon these each year. We encourage high standards throughout the music curriculum and use the expertise of accomplished visiting musicians to inspire excellence. We believe reading and an understanding of musical vocabulary are key skills to learning and development. Our curriculum engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. In addition, in line with the national curriculum, we ensure all pupils;

  • Perform, listen to, review and evaluate a variety of music.
  • Learn to sing and use their voices.
  • Create and compose music.
  • Have an opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
  • Understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated.
  • Develop their understanding of musical vocabulary and notation.  


Children will know more, understand more and remember more about music. They will reach age appropriate expectations and retain musical knowledge, build on their skills and apply these in a variety of situations. Children will demonstrate an ever-increasing quality in their understanding of musical terminology, creativity and performance. We will know this from questioning them on the knowledge and skills they have developed; work scrutiny and the application of these in their creation of new music and performances. Pupils are encouraged to engage with music at all levels of listening, composing and performing, and use these skills and developing understanding to work with visiting musicians, join the school choir and perform at local events and perform within school in a variety of contexts (assemblies, end of term concerts, church events etc). 

Music-Adaptive Teaching for SEND
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